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Donate A Car To Charity

Are you thinking about buying a new car? Have you got a used car that requires repair? Do you plan to keep the old vehicle idle for some time before selling it? In that case, donating your vehicle to charity can be quite a wise plan.

Not everyone of us is wealthy enough to give away money to charitable groups every now and then. However giving an old car that we no longer use is something that we can all do.

There are 3 ways to give a car to charitable organizations.

1. Drop it at a charity of your choice

You are able to directly go to a charity of your liking and drop the vehicle at their office. Or you can contact the charity and have them pick the car up.

For such charities to be able to pick up the vehicle and make use of it, the car should be in a running condition, and this might be a problem with some older vehicles. If the vehicle is not in a working condition, you'll have additional expenses in order to get it running and then resell it.

Most charities have no need for a car. What they need is money. They have a need for money to cover stuff like food, medicines, etc. By donating a car to a charity of your choice directly, you are only creating inconvenience.

2. Sell the vehicle and donate the proceeds

The next option is to sell the car and then donate the proceeds to a good cause. To get the most money from your vehicle, you will have to fix it first. If your car needs a great deal of repairs, it will be a dead-end investment on your part. You'd rather sell it for a lower price without fixing it rather than selling the vehicle after fixing.

But the problem with selling the car without fixing is that you won't obtain the best deal. Buyers will always find flaws and buy the vehicle for a reduced price. This really is something you should try in order to avoid.

3. Get a car donation company

There are specific car donation firms that act as middlemen. They collect the vehicle from you no matter the condition, fix the vehicle and sell the car through a nationwide auction.

They take a percentage of the proceeds of the car and then donate the rest of the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

These car organizations allows you to get the highest resale value for your car. Such middle-men take care of all the documents as well as assist you in getting the maximum tax deduction. For more details about Car Donation Tax Deduction and Car Donations, visit our website.


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